Old Paintings

180i painted this picture while imagining how Disney’s Pocahontas would look like in an almost abstract and surreal like image of her. I was sure I did not want it to look exactly like in the movies but I wanted to show my own style of painting and I have to be honest, I enjoyed doing this 2hr work of art. This is by far the most serious I’ve gotten while doing beginner painting.

This painting was inspired by the anime Shugo chara. The character on the right is Ikuto and the left is Hinamori Amu. I was imagining how they would look like in their wedding dress and tux, Amu’s dress, instead of being a white dress, I painted it in pink and purple because that looks more colourful and appealing in my opinion.


I was going for a fairy in a forest look in this painting. As you can see it needed a little more time and effort to be honest, but I really like how it turned out in the end.

387450_10150570774719305_1829216032_n (1)

Last but not the least, this painting of mine is actually one of my favourites. It reminds me of a leaf in a lake or some sort of body of water.

So yeah, thats all for now, I’ll keep posting more art work in the near future. Thanks for reading!



True to our heart’s desire


Its been awhile since I drew and painted a picture,so here it is! Her name is Amu Hinamori from the anime series called Shugo Chara. She is the protagonist of the series and is one of my favourite anime character of all time. She is extremely shy and kind-hearted but shows off a different outside character that is totally different from her real self, people see her as tough and they describe her as “Cool and Spicy.” One night, she wished to be someone that is true to herself and she gave birth to three guardian eggs. These eggs are her would-be self, her potential talent/skills and character. The one I painted is Amu with her guardian character Ran.

I can relate to Amu because I have experience in having to show a different character other than myself because of the peer pressures of my classmates and friends. I felt like I needed to be somebody else to fit in and be one of the “cool kids.” Throughout my life, I have realized that if people cannot accept me as I am, as my true self, then it is better to have a few friends than to have many fake ones. Its a reality that I have understood clearly when I was in high school. To be true to oneself is tough to do but if we just stay true to our heart’s desire then it is not impossible.