I realize my eyes were opened
Even though they were wide awake
Born into a family
culture, tradition, religion
I am told who I am since being a toddler to a teenager
But when do we chose for ourselves
Where, Who, Why, What, When and How
Only you can find out
Parents open the doors
But we walk through them



My knees get weak
My mouth gets dry
When you pass by
I take a deep breath
Ready to say hi
But I freeze and stop
Because I saw the look in your eyes
Looking like a fool
I blush and turn red
Then I tell myself
Tomorrow is another day
And next time definitely
I’ll get the chance
To say my sweet hello


Love letter to Jesus


The more life gets heavy
The more you make me grow closer and deeper in love
You gave me strength
When I was weak
When I was scared
You comforted me
You make me want to live life
In the moments
Through tough times and good
You held my hand
I am where I am because of you
And I just want to say
I love you


Is it Love?


Is it love?
Or the idea of falling in love
Butterflies and unrealistic dreams
Let me go back to reality
In the first place
Never fell in love
Kisses and hugs
Its better going within
Than going out
Stay and wait
Everythings got time


I surrender

You gave me happiness
You gave me strength
You gave me love
You gave me life
I surrender to you, Lord Jesus
There is nothing more that I want
You are all I ever need


Good Friday

You took my pain
You took my shame
On that cross
your blood was shed for me
Just so I can live and have a relationship with you, Lord Jesus
You take away my tears and comfort me when Im down
I long to see your face in Heaven
But for now
I take my cross and follow you