A Vintage Painting

I wake up and go to school and work

Its a never ending cycle

As I lay on my bed, is this it?

I lay on my bed and try to sleep

Days and nights as I lay flat on my pillow

Tears falling like theres no tomorrow

Scars on my heart manifest on my arms

No one knows the void I feel inside

Because all they see is my smile


I wake up and go to school and work

Its a never ending cycle

Someone wake me from my deep slumber

Even though I am wide awake

Someone please notice my facade of laughter

Deep through the recess of my heart

I long for someone to muster and know

I don’t want any of your pity mister

All I want is someone to notice

I am broken but not shattered

I don’t need any fixing

Just someone to know my value

Like a vintage painting

People may come and go

Some take notice some ignore

Little did they know

I am a masterpiece



To those who can relate to this poem, you are not alone and this poem I dedicate to YOU!



My dearest…

Looking up as I saw your face

Wondering what its like to taste

Those moments I treasure

As we grew closer together

Full of smiles and laughter

But one day you were gone

Far away from the place

Far away from me

But I never gave up

One day for sure

We will see each other

Even if you might go away again

One day for sure

We will see each other

Now or Forever



This poem is dedicated to all those who have someone dear to them, say and show that you love them for you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you to Aunt Connie C. whom I love and inspired me for this poem. RIP Aunt Connie  – Rosette





Just the way you are

I keep catching a glimpse of myself

On the windows, glass doors, mirrors

What more must I do

To make myself look worthwhile


I keep going back and forth

On the hallways and corridors

I keep putting makeup

On my face, cheeks and lips

I keep straightening my hair

Even though its almost burnt to crisp

What more must I do

To make myself look worthwhile


Aritzia, Michael Kors, Coach,

The latest trends and form fitting clothes

What more must I buy

To make myself look worthwhile


Skipping meals, eating less or eating more

It’s seems like an endless downward spiral of emotion

What more must I do to make myself worthwhile


Whatever you’ve been told

Just ignore,

Put your head up high,

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not enough,

Even yourself, because you are worthwhile

You are wonderfully and fearfully made

Just the way you are

You are worthwhile











I don’t know which way to go

I don’t know where to begin

Paths leading to different places

There’s a world out there

Waiting to be seen and discovered

I want to explore and see the world

and help those people in need

That’s the only thing I’m sure of

But to get there and where I am now

Seems like an impossible thing

The feeling of confusion

The fear of the unknown

The process and steps to take for

My dream to come true

Seems just like a wonderful thought

I still want to make it a reality

I have only begun my journey

But I’m already losing sight of it all

To make a difference in the world

Is that really my goal?

To be honest, no matter how small

To make someone’s day and make them smile

That’s what makes it all worthwhile

So even if I don’t make it in the other side of the world

The only thing that matters is the heart

The the one that sincerely helps and lovingly serves


You are with me

With arms wide open
I dreamt you reaching out
So I stand with faith
And with your Love
You make me brave
Your promise and presence is overwhelming
Iam overjoyed
So I stand with firm feet on the ground
I am not alone
For you are with me
And live in me



I can’t keep my eyes off you
Eyes so bright
Cheeks so pink
With pearly whites to match
You light up my day
You are beautiful
In everything you do
I am overwhelmed
But I want to be closer
Together with you


You are Beautiful


Being molded and sculpted

Aiming to be Barbie dolls

Even though It’s like being locked behind bars

Unrealistic Perception

Distorted view of oneself

No one is perfect

Perfection is a sickness of society

Why can’t you see

You are beautiful

Just the way you are

Freckles makes you unique

Chubby cheeks, Adorable!

Your laugh is one of a kind

Don’t worry with make up

Less is more

Don’t worry about others

Know that you are worthy

All you need

Is to believe in yourself

You are you

You are beautiful