About Rosette

rosette I am just an average girl with an amazing love for Jesus Christ.  He changed my life for the better when I gave my life to Christ in my 20’s. I just want to share my journey with Him and God willing have an impact with my readers that will change their life through my sharing of stories of Hope, Faith and Love.

Overall this website is all about my thoughts on life- my past memories that serve as a lesson and a guide for each person out there who felt they had given up and lost hope, my present as I wrestle life’s challenges head on and my journey with Jesus Christ as I build up the courage to take on the future ahead of me.

Know that you were made for more, you have a purpose in life, you are not an accident, never give up and never lose hope- Nothing is impossible if you believe!




The Lord is saying even my daughter as you seek me with all your heart, you are one that is a seeker of God. I see a book, God Chasers by Tommy Tenney, read that book. God will teach you how to seek him. It will cause you to arise, It will cause you to have like life. I see like a lake, a stone was thrown and the ripples traveled to the old lake, the Lord is saying there should be a ripple effect of the things that I am going to do. Like a small thing, will be amplified.

So my daughter, you will be one that will be used by God to make in times of crucial, like a, not decision but crucial stages, that you will do one thing and the effect would be so great, so the Lord is saying that I am going to give you that ability, like David, one smooth stone and Goliath was dead. God will use the simple things, God will use the weak things of this world to confound the wise and put the weak things of this world to ashamed the mighty. My daughter, even those that are simple and plain will make the maximum effect.

In this coming years, three years of acceleration of this leadership team, three years of harvest, three years of intense discipling, you will be organizing together with the leadership, that is also a gift that you would have the ability to organize and volunteer and the ideas that God will be giving to you that shall benefit the whole team. So my daughter, you are in! You’re part of the team! And will cause you to arise and there shall be an acceleration of things that will take place, years, and so even as you planned for yourself, the Lord will give success in that area, pursue that with all your heart. God will be with you and the things that did not bear fruit in the past, it will begin to bear fruit because I see rain coming down. The seeds began to germinate, the whole land is filled, God is saying this is now the time.

My daughter, these promises that I have spoken to you, will be realized. You also have the gift of faithfulness and whatever God has started in you, He will be faithful to complete it. You’re a finisher. You will be a finisher, because you are a seeker of God. Like you inquire in Him, you ask Him questions and the Lord will be revealing himself to you in a greater way, that shall make the maximum effect, like a ripple effect, even to others. So Lord, bless your servant now, thank you for His word.

In Jesus name, Amen.

– Bishop Dan Balais (CLSF – Christ the Living Stone Fellowship 2016)

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